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Please send all Comment/Questions/Orders to

There are two ways to order
Simply send an email to with all your information and order details
or go the Orders tab above and input all your information there.

I need to know...
  • What kind of hat you would like (Beanie-15$, Slouch Beanie- 17$, Rasta Hat-17$, Beardie-17$)
  • Is the hat for a child? (Beanie-12$, Slouch Beanie-14$, Rasta Hat-14$, Beardie-14$)
  • State what color(s) you want and be as specific as you desire (magenta, fuchsia, olive green, etc)
  • State a pattern if desired (striped, waves, basket weave etc. )  or opt for Artist to decide.
  • Finally state if you would like a crochet flower on the hat (on the left side or right)

Generally, hats are one size fit all because of the adjustable buttons on the back.
However, if you feel that you would like to send me the dimensions of your head... please feel free :)

Remember, you can customize the hat as much as you like and/or let the artist decide on some or all of the creative design.